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Butterfly ears

Butterfly Ears - Luisa Aguilar - André Neves

Ref.: 21KL47096
Marca: Editorial Kalandraka
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    Butterfly ears - Luisa Aguilar - André Neves


    Referencia: 21KL47096

    EAN: 9788484647096

    Dimensiones: 22x22 cm.

    Edad: a partir de 6 años.

    Páginas: 32



    Texto: Luisa Aguilar

    Ilustración: André Neves

    Idioma original:

    Traducción: Mercé Arcadia


    Mara is special, and nothing or nobody will be able to put her down, because her mother has given her the key to rise above any type of criticism: self- steem, imagination ans spontaneity.


    To have big ears, to be tall or small, a thin or fat person... even the most insignificant characteristic can be reason for laughing between children. Because of this, it’s necessary a book like this, as it shows that those behaviours are reprehensible.


    This is a very tender and simple story by Luisa Aguilar, full of literary strength. The maternal figure seems to be a very important support for the main character: she advises her to accept herself and turn her differences into values. What others can see as a fault, it can be an advantaje, something that makes us different and unique in front of the rest of the people.



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