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Jamie planed an acorn

Jamie planted an acorn - Tim Bowley - Inés Vilpi

Ref.: 21KL47751
Marca: Editorial Kalandraka
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    Jamie planted an acorn - Tim Bowley - Inés Vilpi


    Referencia: 21KL47751

    EAN: 9788484647751

    Dimensiones: 22x22 cm.

    Edad: a partir de 4 años.

    Páginas: 48



    Texto: Tim Bowley

    Ilustración: Inés Vilpi

    Idioma original:




    Jamie planted an acorn which germinated and grew, but... not all of the acorns planted can become trees.


    This is a tale with scenes that follow in a brief, nimble and repetitive way, because this story is specially recomended for very young children who begin reading. Tim Bowley uses mnemonic rules to help children know how the story goes on.


    The most important lesson that readers learn on reading this book is that they have to be persevering and try not to submit when things go wrong. Life is hard and it’s full of obstacles but it’s possible to get each one’s goal if children encourage.


    It’s the first time that Ines Vilpi makes pictures for children’s books and she gets an interesting work, full of colour, sensibility and quality.



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